10 Luxury Easter Eggs for Adults 2018

We are now less than a week away from Easter! Easter is such a fun time of year with the weather getting warmer, lots of arts and crafts to be made, Easter egg hunts and most importantly – CHOCOLATE! It’s important to remember that Easter isn’t just for the kids. Here are 10 delicious Easter eggs for you grown ups to indulge in too!

  1. Hotel Chocolat Caramel Egg Sandwich – £10


Whoever came up with this concept needs a serious pay rise! Comprising of 2 slices of caramel chocolate wedged between 2 chocolate egg shells, not only is this a creative treat but it is absolutely delicious too!

2. Prestat Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg – £17.50


One for the Prosecco lovers! A milk chocolate egg lined with fizzing pink chocolate and filled with pink mini prosecco truffles, how can you say no!? This luxurious treat can be bought from ocado.com for £17.50.

3. Booja Booja Dairy-Free Hazelnut Crunch Easter Egg – £24.99


A beautiful painted shell filled with handmade hazelnut truffles. You can even indulge in these delicious treats if you’re on a diet or have allergies. Organic and suitable for vegans these truffles are also dairy, gluten and soya free!

4. Artisan Du Chocolat Pineapple Egg – £15


If Prosecco isn’t quite your thing don’t worry, there are plenty more boozy Easter treats to choose from! Like this one, a pineapple shaped milk chocolate egg comes surrounded by Pina Colada truffles. You can get yours now at John Lewis.

5. Fortnum & Mason Decorated Milk Chocolate Egg – £65


Beautifully handcrafted and filled with a selection of handmade chocolate shapes. This egg is flawlessly elegant and although it may be pricey you are guaranteed to be paying for more than just the name.

6. Edinburgh Gin Easter Egg and Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur – £12.50


Another booze orientated egg, a milk chocolate egg paired with a miniture bottle of Edinburgh Gin’s light and zesty rhubarb and ginger liqueur can be bought exclusively as John Lewis.

7. Luxury Solid Chocolate Egg – £24.99


You may have seen this new luxurious egg on your social media or even on TV. A complete solid mouthwatering egg comes in 4 flavours, milk, white, dark or caramel milk. You can get yours at solidchocolateco.com.

8. Bettys Limited Edition Spring Bloom Egg – £30


In celebration of Spring Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate has released a limited edition Easter egg. Made of white chocolate and hand decorated with Spring flowers, butterflies and bumblebees this egg is pure elegance.

9. Octagonal Hand Painted Belgian Chocolate Easter Egg – £12


Made of smooth Belgian chocolate and filled with mini Marc de Champagne shimmered truffles. This pink and gold ombre egg may be one of the most beautiful Easter treats you have ever seen and can be bought for just £12 at Marks & Spencer!

10. The Chocolate Society’s Animal Print Easter Eggs – £30


The Chocolate Society’s new “into the wild” range is perfect for the animal lover in your life. These Dark Chocolate Valrhona eggs come in zebra, leopard and cow prints. Hand painted and packaged by a small team these eggs are bound to make you go wild!

I hope you all find the perfect egg to indulge in this Easter! Tell me about your Easter plans and favourite eggs in the comment section below!

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